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Increasing profit with Email Remarketing

If a recent report from Sales Cycle (Oct 2015), is anything to go by then you need to implement a professional email remarketing plan now! Here are the figures that will make up your mind:

  • The average percentage of cart abandonment rate sits at 76.6%
  • Nearly 50% of all cart abandonment remarketing emails are opened
  • Just under 30% of clicks from remarketing emails lead to purchases
  • The average AOV was 18.4% more than non-abandoned purchases from email remarketing

Remarketing campaigns are used to gain an insight into the behaviour of buyers, allow the resumption of abandoned shopping carts and increase sales by providing cross and up-selling offers.

It is through the integrated use of web analytics and professional email remarketing software that these benefits can be taken advantage of.

The following are required to enable you to measure and create the following (high-level benefits are mentioned below):

  • Measure conversions
    • Ability to measure ROI on a per email basis
  • Segment building based on behaviour
    • Shopping cart resumption
    • Cross and up-selling
  • Provide recommendations tailored to individual needs
    • Cross and up-selling

What’s involved to make this happen!

Conversion tracking
You are able to measure how successful each of your mailings is. Depending on the objective of the mailing, you can see at a glance how much revenue it generates or the resultant number of visits to your website.

Segment building
By being able to segment recipients into behaviour-based target groups, the recipient segments can then be addressed in a targeted manner in follow-up mailings. In this way, for example, users that have abandoned shopping carts can be encouraged to buy using a voucher or active users can be encouraged to make further purchases by means of thank-you mailings and special offers. This personalised approach significantly increases conversion rates and sales transactions.

The ability to send your customers recommendations tailored to their individual needs. This allows you to exploit cross-selling and up-selling potential and benefit from an increase in follow-up purchases by your customers. This might include relevant content from your website and offers from your online shop, with which you can encourage sales in a personalised manner.

For further information, please have a look at the Inxmail Email Remarketing plug-in. Inxmail is an internationally recognised and awarding winning email marketing software. Inxmail is available through LOW FAT in South Africa – find out more about the Inxmail email marketing software solution.

Should you wish to discuss the Inxmail email remarketing solution please feel free to contact Greg Reardon on gregr@lowfat.co.za.