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Inxmail integration with Magento

The Inxmail Professional email marketing software interface for the Magento online shop solution offers professional email marketing – directly in Magento. It’s the perfect addition to the comprehensive Magento transaction emails in order to turn visitors into shoppers.

The benefits to using the Inxmail integration with Magento

  • Retention marketing based on the life cycle of the shop customers.
  • Reactivate inactive customers and turn good customers into loyal customers.
  • Increased sales in the online shop through targeted email marketing with a high con- version rate.
  • Personalised and automated marketing of online offers – for best customers, shopping cart dropouts or inactive customers.
  • Target group-specific timing and content customised for every recipient.
  • Comprehensive targeting based on customer segments, according to recipient response behaviour, purchasing behaviour etc.
  • Permanently retain customers acquired on- line.
  • Considerable time savings in editing, as the content from the shop is available directly in Inxmail Professional.
  • Take advantage of Magento’s multistore management directly in Inxmail Professional.
  • Dispatch via whitelisted Inxmail email servers ensures high deliverability.
  • Integration of the subscription process at different points in the online shop with just a few clicks.
  • Fast sending, even with a high sending volume.
  • Comprehensive unsubscription and bounce management.
  • Subscriber data synchronisation with Inxmail Professional and Magento.
  • Real-time reporting on the most important key figures in email marketing

LOW FAT is the South African partner to Inxmail, an international award winning email marketing software. For more information on Inxmail Professional email marketing software. If you would like a demo please send an email to sales@lowfat.co.za.