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The solution for professional email marketing

Concentrate on the essentials – the content of the email. The Inxmail experts take care of the high-performance technology and, of course, the regular and safe delivery of your campaigns. Thanks to the vast potential of Inxmail Professional and excellent pre-formatted smart newsletter templates, professionals can find a lot of room for creativity.

The core email marketing software solution, Inxmail Professional, provides a comprehensive platform for all your email marketing needs. Let the Inxmail email software educate and enable you to becoming a professional email marketer.

For publishers and agencies who wish to manage newsletter advertising, then you need not look further than the Advertate solution.

Inxmail also, provides a solution for transactional email marketing – Inxmail Commerce.

From e-commerce and advertising agencies, publishing houses for tourism and the financial sector, all sectors are represented among Inxmail customers. All appreciate the high level of technology.

How can we help you get into the world of email marketing? Inxmail the email software for Professional email marketing.

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