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Remarketing Plugin

Email Remarketing

Optimise your marketing with Email Remarketing

The remarketing plug-in package for Inxmail Professional offers everything you need for successful remarketing campaigns: comprehensive conversion tracking for detailed evaluations, the Segment Builder for targeted communication with specific customer segments and a Recommendation Engine generating individual sales offers that will entice your customers to purchase.

Inxmail Conversion Tracker

The Inxmail Conversion Tracker tells you directly in Inxmail Professional how successful each of your mailings is. Depending on the objective of the mailing, you can see at a glance how much revenue it generates or the resultant number of visits to your website. Both direct and indirect conversions are included (indirect conversions are those that take place after a campaign).

Inxmail Segment Builder

The Inxmail Segment Builder can be used to segment recipients into behaviour-based target groups. The recipient segments can then be addressed in a targeted manner in follow-up mailings. In this way, for example, users that have abandoned shopping carts can be encouraged to buy using a voucher or active users can be encouraged to make further purchases by means of thank-you mail-ings and special offers. This personalised approach significantly increases conversion rates and sales transactions.

Inxmail Recommendation Engine

Use the Inxmail Recommendation Engine to send your customers recommendations tailored to their individual needs. This might include relevant content from your website and offers from your online shop, with which you can encourage sales in a personalised manner. This allows you to exploit cross-selling and up-selling potential and benefit from an increase in follow-up purchases by your customers.