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Professional email marketing software for banks and insurance companies

Just because your privacy policies dictate that you need to run email marketing from within your own IT infrastructure, doesn’t mean that you can’t use a professional email marketing software system. Generally CRM or other software does not provide the necessary functionality that dedicated email marketing software can provide.

Inxmail Professional, as a licence option, provides banks and insurance companies with the ability comply with their privacy policies and yet take advantage of the advanced functionality that Inxmail Professional provides.

Advantages to purchasing Inxmail Professional as a licence option

  • Use of Inxmail Professional in your own IT infrastructure
  • Securing the data protection guidelines by means of internal, internal data storage
  • No basic fee or volume-dependent payment, but initial upfront costs
  • Use of the long-term experience of our expert team in the sensitive banking and insurance sector
  • Powerful and secure programming interface provides full integration to CMS, CRM, Web Analytics, etc.
  • Multi-client-capable system ensures complete data separation between departments, if required

Should you wish to investigate Inxmail Professional as a licence option, please feel free to with the Inxmail Professional website or drop Greg Reardon an email at gregr@lowfat.co.za.  LOW FAT is the South African partner to the parent company in Germany.